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How to Adjust Windows?

1. Preparations
Before beginning, double check that you have all of the necessary tools in front of you, so you won’t need to stop in the middle of something. Confirm you’ve got the right screwdrivers and Allen keys (hex wrench) before starting to adjust the window. 

2. The tilt and turn mechanism
In order to properly work on and adjust your window, it is important to first understand how a casement window opening mechanism works. The most common is the "tilt and turn"-mechanism, consisting of several elements:

Handle: The locking pin can be found on the opening side of the window which also houses the handle. The window is opened or closed by turning the handle.
Lower corner hinge bearing: You can find the lower corner hinge bearing on the hinge side, opposite the handle.
Upper stay arm bearing: The upper bearing capturing the stay arm is also located on the hinge side, but above the lower corner bearing.
Locking pins and mushroom cams: If you have security frames, you will probably find pins on different sides. On most standard models, you will find them on the opening side.

3. Determining your window type
This article outlines how to adjust modern casement windows. These are usually equipped with adjusting screws in the hinge bearings, while older models may not be. We recommend consulting professionals if you own older windows. To begin with, you should check whether the window has the respective adjustment elements. You can easily recognize them by the cover caps on the hinge side.

Regardless of what material your window is made of, there is no difference in the adjustment process. All steps are the same, meaning you can adjust uPVC windows the same way as aluminum or wooden ones.

Old wooden frames often do not need to be adjusted. New sealing putty is usually sufficient.

4. Adjustment the windows
There are four ways of adjusting windows:

Diagonal casement adjustment
Parallel horizontal adjustment
Parallel vertical adjustment
Contact pressure adjustment

What to do if the window hangs askew?
Non-parallel running casements can be adjusted via the corner bearing:

Turn the adjusting screws clockwise to lift then window casements and counterclockwise to lower them. Adjust until the casements and frame are parallel to each other.
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