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Do you kown Benefits of Aluminium Doors & Windows?

Aluminium clad timber doors and windows are a highly engineered and high performing product which offers the best that both timber and aluminium have to offer.
The main frame of these composite doors and windows is made from highly insulating timber, which is almost always engineered and laminated for extra strength and stability. This timber frame gives windows a low U Value which is great for keeping the warm in and cold out.

Externally the aluminium, usually applied with secure clips, protects the timber from external factors such as rain, sun damage and pollution which gives this style of fenestration an enhanced life span as well as a very low maintenance requirement.

An added benefit of using aluminium cladding is that the doors and windows almost always offer dual colour as standard, i.e. the external colour is different to the inside. This is due to the fact that the frames are constructed with two different components which are finished with different techniques. The use of external aluminium cladding also allows for the use of oils / lacquers on the timber frames so that the true beauty of timber can be on view.

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